Thursday, January 28, 2010

Polar ocean world -Qingdao

As we left the hotel room after a quick lunch I was so eager to see the polar ocean world about which hubby had told me long before we had planned this trip.

With all the excitement of a school kid going on a picnic I got into the car and waited for Mrs.P family.As soon as they came off we went...

The first palace that we crossed is the Wu Si square which is quite famous.This is also called the May 4th square which got its name in the memory of the May 4th movement.

A view of the Wu Si square

Going past the beautiful architecture I was totally mesmerized and my joy knew no bounds when we reached the Polar ocean world!

Right at the car park you can see this wonderful fountain welcoming you.

Walk past it and to the right you will come to the entrance...

Even before you step in ,it gives you the feel like you are entering the 'real' polar world.The place is decorated like its carved in ice and at the ticket counter you can see all sorts of sea animals floating above your head.

The fee is RMB 150 per person and RMB 75 for kids.Lil angel didn't need an entry fee though![She was just 1 year old].This entry fee include the show too.They have quite a few shoes there and depending on the time you get there you get to see one of them.We went there around 2pm so we got the chance to see the dolphin show.

Once I stepped in I was truly stunned!Actually,you must visit this place to really feel it coz I think words are not sufficient!Rows and rows of glass enclosures filled with all sorts of sea creatures.

This place is the first in Chinese mainland to house the 1st Dolphinarium!Polar ocean world is the home to the North pacific bottle nose dolphins,California sea lions and harbor seals and thousands of ornamental fresh and salt water fishes[almost 10,000 varieties!],white whales,sharks,polar bears,sea oxen,sea lions ,walrus, king penguins beautiful corals etc.

Walking around this place we see a lot of 'snow'!Like a vehicle dashing out through the snow, igloos,a huge ship that has sunk in the polar region,rows of penguin figures looking at you!

The best part is they have huge name boards with descriptions in Chinese and English with all the data you need to know about any sea animal-the name, scientific name, average weight,height,where it can be seen,its habits ,what it feed on etc. placed right by the side of their enclosure.

If you are a science student then you will absolutely love this place and I feel taking kids to see such places makes them more all the more interested in their subject!

On the way to the Marine animal show,we met these 'Eskimos'!

We had to hurry as they announced that the dolphin show would start shortly even though we still had plenty more to see.But I just couldn't miss this show for its the first of its kind that I was going to witness one!

We were among the last few people to get in and soon the show began.They have a large screen in the front where you can see all that is going on in the pool.So no worries about finding the right place to sit.Here is the view of the marine animal show theater

The dolphin show was excellent!These cute creatures carried humans on their back,clapped to songs and danced for one,'answered ' questions,posed for photos,did a couple of tricks and the time just flew!!!The MC spoke in Chinese but that's no reason not to enjoy such an amazing show.

And here comes one small section of the video that we captured!But let me warn you that the video is a bit shaky as I didn't carry a tripod but its still worth watching..

And here is another one!

After the show,you can click a pic with one of the marine creature in the theater for RMB 50 per person per click!![Can't use your camera!]That's pretty expensive but a memorable one.They get you the print in a couple of minutes.

Though we wanted to take a pic,there was along queue for it and we still had a lot more aquariums to see so we hurried off to see them all.

There is also a store that sells polar ocean world related stuffs and we shopped for a couple of souvenirs.

By now I had click more than 250 snaps and a dozen videos in the ocean world alone and the battery was fighting for life![I had left the spare battery in the room]

We were tired yet were in no mood to rest but hungry all the same after the long walk inside the ocean world.So off we went to the nearby KFC for a quick snack before we headed to the hotel to freshen ourselves and give life to our ailing batteries.

See you soon at the sea-side!!