Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mysore Palace By Night

Our trip to the Garden City of Mysore was more than a year and a half ago.We decided to visit my grandparents and aunt who are in Mysore and it turned out to be a memorable trip for all of us.I visited Mysore after 2 decades and the images of my first visit are still fresh in my memory.

We went to Mysore by car and the beautiful forest area was a sight to behold.The roads were flanked with bamboo trees that stood tall and proud.

The road was practically empty, as you can see, so we drove leisurely enjoying the scenic beauty.

We saw a lone tree sans leaves but with lovely pink flowers .We stopped there and as usual clicked pics.

We reached home around tea time and my aunt hurried us to get refreshed to go and see the palace.I was really tired for the long drive,almost 6 hours by car,so was a bit hesitant.

Since we were there on a Sunday,aunt said that we could see the palace by night with illumination as it can only be seen on weekends.If we miss going there,we had to wait for a whole week.My weariness vanished and we were ready to see the illuminated palace.

There were very few lights on when we entered [there was some day light left].It was already crowded!!There is no entrance fee for Indian nationals but they do charge for foreigners.

A view of the temple before the lights were on

The illuminated temple.
Once the lights were on most of the tourist clapped and exclaimed seeing the beautiful palace.

Each and every part of the palace was awash with light...

Illuminated beauty...

Mom ,Little Angel and me in front of the palace...

One of the brightly lit corridors

People thronged the palace grounds to drink in the beauty of the palace...

The entrance to the palace,taken from the palace grounds.The presiding deity of the Empire Lord Krishna can be seen on the top of the arch..

A closer look at the deity..

Can u see doves resting on the gateway?

The magnificent palace...

My favorite click..

Just when we were about to get into the car,I clicked this shot...

In my next post,let us visit the same palace by the day...