Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oops,I did it again!!!!

It has become so addictive.I am so happy doing it!It gives me so much pleasure...Oh come on ,I am talking about blogging.I wanted to write on another theme apart from my Cookery blog - Seduce your taste-buds.The first topic that struck me was -Travel.So here comes another one exclusive for my travelogue.

Here I am going to share my travel experiences and of course a few tips and tricks [from my personal experience] for a safe and hassle-free journey.This is also to document the places I have visited and of course for lil angel to grow up and read about all the marvelous places she has been to when she was a baby.

This blog-My footprints on earth-is named with the dream that one day I will mark my footprints in all the countries in the world.[I know I am dreaming big!!].At least I want to visit the wonders of the world and live marveling their glory.

Though I haven't been to many countries, I had the chance to see many places in two beautiful countries-India and China.

I can call India my 'Maternal home'.I was born and brought up in this amazing country and China is where I have come to live-Thanks to hubby's career!

In these two countries I have visited quite a few place that I thought I can share.According to me some of these places are so picturesque that I would love to visit them again and again. The others are equally bewitching and they are the ones I always wanted to visit at-least once in my lifetime-like the Taj mahal in India and the ancient city of Xian in China.I am not sure if time would permit me to visit these places again but if I do, I would call myself lucky!

During my childhood,my parents understanding my passion for travel,took me to many places and readily agreed to send me on school and college tours so that I can visit all the places I wanted to.Now it's hubby's turn to fulfill my dreams to visit exotic locales.

Some of the places that we saw are the ones seen during a vacation or when we went to visit relative, while the others are trips undertaken just to see a glorious place.Hubby and me rarely 'plan' trips,even with a lil one around.If you are thinking that just because we have a tiny tot at home,we don't travel then you are highly mistaken.What I meant was our trips are planned at the last moment, sometimes even hours before the train is about to arrive at the station!We just pack a few things and set off coz both of us are smitten by the travel bug!

So dear friends,I invite all of you to travel with me,I mean, with us, and see the stunning world ...Ready to start the journey!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hello world!!!!

A blog to share my travels and experiences...I have just started this today so please come back again to see the world through my lens..Thank you for visiting....