Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let's get packin'....

I have been busy for the past couple of weeks getting packed to return back to China and frantically shopping for stuffs that I don't get there.So I thought I would write on what I do when I travel.

Hubby and me are know to our family as 'travel bugs'.We love to travel and visit new places and sometimes we would just go for a ride on his bike after dinner and roam around some nice places in the cities we lived and return home late.

With both of us being so passionate for outdoor pleasures,lil angel is not to be outdone.She too seems to be smitten by the travel bug and enjoys each and every trip with us.

Earlier I used to travel with my parents for vacations and sometimes alone for my fine arts programs and all these times I followed these basic tips which I am going to share with you.

With these tips I hope you too will be ready to scoot at any time of the day even at the last moment's notice and also I guarantee that you will have a memorable,hassle-free and the most enjoyable holiday ever.

  1. Write down a list of things to pack:I always make a list of all that I would need,right from the clothing[summer/winter wear],tickets,currency,extra pair of shoes etc.This not only helps me pack from home,but also ensures that I bring back all the things that I packed from home
  2. Book the tickets in advance:Once you finalize the destination its better to book the tickets or arrange a car for the journey or the hotel where you would like to stay .If you are planning for a holiday during vacation time,advance booking can save you from tons of disappointments of not finding the convenient mode of transportation or the right accommodation.
  3. Select the right type of baggage:Invest in sturdy bags and it will last for many years.At the same time,the bags must not be too heavy.Similarly pack according to the duration of the trip,say,if you are going out for the weekend,a small bag will be more than sufficient than a large sturdy bag.
  4. Study about the places you want to visit,read about them and the schedule the timings,for you don't want to go to a museum and find it locked.
  5. Prioritize the places you want to see-Setting a schedule of places to visit and prioritizing them is very important.A few times when we went on an 'impulse' vacation,we visited the least important places and later found that we had missed some really interesting and famous places.
  6. Talk to people who have been there before for they can be of better guidance than the travel books and guides.They would be glad to guide you with information for hotels,restaurants and the best places to visit.If you don't know anyone who has been to a particular place you choose to visit,hire a local guide to take you through.
  7. Vaccination and health card and medicines.If you have a history of illness,don't forget to take your medical card and if you are carrying an infant-the vaccination card.Also the medications are of utmost importance as you may not find similar medicines if you are traveling to another country.
  8. Distribute the currency/travelers cheque in different baggage.If are unlucky enough to find one of your bags stolen/misplaced,you will still have some currency left to tide you over.Similarly don't keep the currency in the outermost compartment.
  9. If you are traveling overseas,make a couple of copies of your passport and carry them in different bags.
  10. Last but not the least-Leave the list[ mentioned in point 1] in the suitcase:Its save the time of thinking about what you need to pack the next time you are ready to go on a vacation.
In my next post I promise to take to an exotic location in China...Pack up your bags and be ready to travel with me....

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