Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens

Zoo is a place that children adore.Lil angel has just completed her first b'day when we made a trip to Mysore.I was not sure how she would react looking at all those animal.She had been to the zoo in our city in China but there are no elephants , giraffe, and the sort.You get what I mean-no huge animals to frighten her. Anyways we made a trip to the zoo with my dad.Mom decided to stay back with aunt and my grandparents.

This zoo in Mysore is named after its 'creator' Maharaja  Chamaraja Wodeyar.This king was a nature enthusiast and created a lot of gardens and parks in the city.This zoo is said to be inaugurated in 1892 as a part of his Summer palace in an area of  10 acres.He took special care and interest to see that the animals were housed in comfort and were close to their natural habitat.Till date the same enclosures are being used.After a few years it was expanded to around 45 acres and the King felt he had to share his pleasure with the people and threw it open for public viewing.Now the zoo is housed in 250 acres!

This zoo has some artificial lakes and a lot of trees.We went there on a rather sunny morning and thanks to the trees we were protected from  the scorching sun.

I don't want to bore you with too many pictures of birds and animals.So,what you see below are just a few clicks -the animals and birds that she liked...

At the entrance we were greeted by the Giraffes' trotting here and there.Lil angel loved them.

Her name is Susheela and she is a Tapir and this is the first time I ever saw a tapir! Near the enclosures there are several boards that talk about the animals inside.It is very informative and educative.

Lil Angel excited to see a Rhino!

They have both the types of Elephants - Indian and African and she loves them both!

A deer wandering away while the rest of the herd were resting under the shade of the trees.

Lil Angel refused to be led away from the pelican.I really don't know what she was so impressed with and we had to forcefully  take her to see the other birds and animals.

We saw this tree with strange looking fruits on them.Any idea what it is?

If you feel that walking around the zoo is too tiresome,you can buy tickets for ta ride in the battery operated car tour through the zoo which stops at certain points for you to stroll around and get back in again.But we preferred to walk with Lil Angel enjoying a ride in her stroller.

The most interesting aspect in this zoo is the 'Animal adoption program', where you can adopt an animal and your name is put up on the board in its enclosure. This adoption is valid for a year and can be renewed if needed.You get a certificate of application and free entrance to the zoo for that period!

The zoo is open from 8.30 to 5.30 everyday except Tuesdays.There is an entrance fee for kids and adults and fee is charged fro using cameras and video cameras.[The fee structure may change hence I have not mentioned it here.]

In my next post let us visit the famous Chamundi hills...

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Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear padmaja
How are you? I am just back from my Bangalore and Kerala trip. I am spell bound reading the subject,,,photographs are additional reminder of childhood days.
I had been to Mysore zoo in 80s and one of the best in the country.
I saw the same fruits hanging from trees in Kerala. I also need to know what are these. Remembering taking my kids to zoo decades ago...
I was off blog...let me see what have I missed at your food blog.
Have nice week .